My 5 Favs For Flourishing Skin


Now by no means whatsoever am I a beauty guru, but I had to share with you all my 5 go -to products to achieve radiant skin.

I’ve used a flower to illustrate my skincare process, as for a flower to blossom it must first receive the right nourishment, just like our delicate skin.

So before I head out for New Year’s Eve I will be using these 5 fab products that I honestly wouldn’t want to live without…

BB Cleansing Oil Flower.jpg

Firstly the DHC “Deep Cleansing Oil” and it does just that! Wet your hands and apply just one pump of this golden oil to your fingertips, then gently massage the oil over your entire face, including your eyes.

Take a cloth that has been rinsed with warm water and clean off the cleansing oil, and as simple as that you will have soft, clean skin.

Perfect for everyone that has sensitive skin and wants a cleanser that won’t leave your eyes seeing blurred lines. ( No we don’t want it).

BB Cleanser Flower.jpg

Now that your face is squeaky clean it’s time to tone and purify with the floral ” Purifying Palmarosa Toner” by Neal’s Yard Remedies, guaranteed to get you growing towards the great skin you deserve.

I haven’t botany (I had to)  toner for at least 3 months, that’s how long this 200ml bottle has lasted me so far. Not only does this toner ensure all traces of makeup are banished, it also smells heavenly and is perfect for oily and combination skin.

BB Eye Patches Flower.jpg

It’s all about the eyes with DHC’s “Revitalising Moisture Strips”, after using these I feel bright eyed and ready for anything. Leave on for 30 minutes, or overnight for a plumping pamper treat. These under-eye masks are the best I have tried so far.

Good riddance to those pesky dark circles!

BB Eye Serum Flower.jpg

We are almost ready to bloom, after using my eye masks I like to apply Clinique’s “All About Eyes Serum” to my under eyes, it’s light and satisfyingly refreshing. I use the roller ball as it feels like a mini massage, but you could also use the pot variety if you prefer.

Imagine sweeping cool cucumbers under your eyes… the texture of this serum is something along those lines…

BB Primer Flower.jpg

If in doubt always bareMinerals and for the aim of achieving a radiant glow, start with a base of  “Prime Time”.

This silky primer smoothes over all of your facial lumps and bumps and makes the perfect base for your foundation application.

Now that I feel as pretty as a petal all that’s left to do is get dolled up… I will get back to you with how that goes.

These are the products that work for me, but let me know what you think? Have you tried these products before?

A  very happy New Year 2017 to you all and let’s stay connected -> Instagram

13 thoughts on “My 5 Favs For Flourishing Skin

  1. I am 70 years old but below picture is two years old, so you can see I still look good. I’ve always been meticulous about my beauty regimen. I have done this since I was very young and I never go to bed with makeup on no matter how tired I am. Everything comes off and I sleep with a fresh face. It is very important in more ways than just your skin, because if you look good, you feel good. Always take good care of your face and your feet for optimal health. Eating well and exercise is the next best thing.

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    1. Thank you for sharing! You’re looking fantastic. I enjoy keeping up a beauty regime, however I must admit eating well and exercise are both on my to do list! I look forward to reading more of your posts! X

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, the activity and consumption part is always hardest. Eat fresh is a good rule of thumb. Anything overly processed isn’t good for you anyway. I’m a good teacher but my follow through? Well not perfect. (smile)

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