Shopping Spree, Bicester Village

Bicester Village Morning.jpg

I don’t ever need an excuse to shop, but if there is one, I’ll take it, and as I am currently back home in Oxfordshire, it would be rude not to visit Bicester Village.

You can find everything here, but it’s most certainly a finders keepers situation, if you want to get the best of the stock then I would advise going early before the early birds get the best of the batch.

I’m a self-confessed shopaholic, so for me the idea that I am saving serious amounts of money is enough for me to spend my whole entire day here, browsing around every boutique for my new wardrobe updates.

Having been to the village many times before I have learned to attack from the back, and avoid the crowds that pile in at the front entrance.


^ The peace before the storm.

I walked to the village for it’s opening at 9 am. It’s usually much quicker to walk than drive as even at 9 am the car park was still pretty chock-a-block.

The front entrance will look like this on a very quiet day.


As I made my way over the frosted slate pathways I always find myself in my very own dream getaway.

A heavenly playground of creative couture fashion, what more could I want?

The chic boutiques are beautifully presented, all aligned with matching white fronts and polished window displays.

Alexandra Mcqueen bv.jpg


Alexander McQueen and Saint Laurent sported my favourite shop fronts of the day. I find great satisfaction in a minimalistic window that allows you to see through to the sharp collections that await inside.

As the minutes ticked away and I had bobbed in and out of multiple luxe boutiques, I realised that we had all had the same idea, by 9.30 the village started to feel like it’s usual busy self.


I set my eyes on what I thought could hold the prize… Gucci had to be brimming with goodies!


My gold intentions for Gucci fell flat.

…Of course, I couldn’t leave Bicester Village empty handed, and I didn’t…

It was love at first sight with this burgundy beaut of a bag,  (the picture really doesn’t do it justice), brought from Coccinelle for an absolute steal!


Coccinelle is an Italian brand and a firm favourite of mine, I would absolutely recommend them if you are on the hunt for a reasonably priced, good quality bag that will last you years of good use. ( Think carrying litre bottles on a daily basis, alongside a thick journal, that’s how good).

To complete my spree I found myself some NEW SUEDE SHOES, well boots to be exact, from the trusty British brand- L.K. Bennett  I feel ready for anything now!



^ Once again the pictures aren’t doing the boots any justice!

Having satisfied my craving for new boots, and a classy structured bag I left the village feeling rather accomplished.

Cafes BV.jpg

If you’re heading to the village anytime soon be sure to make the most of the array of restaurants,  my favourite place to eat here is Villandry, where I love to indulge in the  “28 Day Aged Sirloin” it’s melt in the mouth delicious and well worth the trip!

Have you been on a shopping spree at Bicester Village before? What was your best buy?

I love hearing about all of your experiences, so please feel free to share.


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