My Princess Diary

Journal 1st page.jpg

If I could watch any film for the rest of my life (don’t hold me to this) it would be The Princess Diaries, I laugh… and cry, and find myself relating to so many of the situations portrayed!

So although this post isn’t about a royal diary, it is instead about a rather jolly journal packed with greatness. 

Forget green smoothies I’ve found something better, introducing the “Daily Greatness Journal”. My New Year’s key to staying focused, and my very own creative space of where I can imagine I am Mia, the princess of Genovia.

2cnd page journal.jpg

When my postman handed this parcel over to me I was overjoyed. I had searched the internet for hours looking for the perfect practical organiser and this was the one for me.


Containing 464 full page colour spreads, this punchy undated journal contains everything you could ever need, calendars, self-awareness questions, and free space to scribble your thoughts down till your heart’s content.

I’m feeling pretty certain that this with be the journ-ey of my life.


Free pages give you the prompts needed to praise and constructively improve yourself.


Pages laced with colour and covered with dynamic shapes beautifully display the journal’s content, motivating quotes and challenging questions are all printed on a soft matte paper.

5th page journal.jpg

A modern day saviour,  this journal will give you the freedom to open your mind to only the good and leave any worries written on the page.

8th journal page.jpg

Last Page Jounral.jpg

Edging me towards feeling entirely uplifted (without a green tea latte in sight), this versatile journal is the start of something GREAT!

You can find the greatness planners here.

How do you like to keep organised?


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