Sequins & Smiles


I have to say that being able to dress up makes me feel like the best version of myself, and as it was New Years I decided to dust off my glad rags and get my highest heels on.

Playful yet striking, sequins seemed to be the perfect accompaniment to champagne and the beckoning of a new start.

Before shimming into my bodycon I spent a good half an hour trying to create a smoldering makeup look… practice makes perfect, as they say.


This classic dress has been hiding in the back of my wardrobe for a little while now…luckily the elegant cut of this style makes it timeless.

To keep my skin feeling soft and looking dewy I always use Palmers, it’s my beauty saviour.

I blow-dried my hair to within an inch of its life (I do hope my hairdresser isn’t reading this, I’ll be back for my Olaplex treatment soon!)

After applying a lot of pure Argan oil to my hair, I was ready to finally put to use my dancing shoes.

Top of DRESS.jpg

Bardot dresses are my go to for an effortlessly classy style statement. In my opinion, elegance is always on-trend.

MID DRESS.jpg^ This was the best I could muster up, any makeup tips would be most welcome, girls? (I would love to know how to master a perfect “cat eye”).

Twinkling bright I let the dress speak for itself and wore some simple silver earrings from Biagio’s, gifted to me by my beautiful best friend.

This shimmering party dress finally went to the ball.

Now I’m left pondering, would it be too early to start my search for that perfect Valentine’s Dress?


28 thoughts on “Sequins & Smiles

  1. Natural makeup is perfect when you’re already that beautiful. Don’t worry about cat eyes. I tell my daughter all the time: God made you beautiful; don’t cover it up with a bunch of makeup! 🙂

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  2. Obviously you are a stunning and natural beauty, but what’s really impressive is that your inner beauty is so effortlessly reflected in what you share and how you share it…charm and humility….girl next door attitude with super model looks….and, you are very entertaining! I’m loving your blog sooooo much 🙂

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