Burger Brunch, King’s Road


^ My partner’s attempt at focusing the camera, we will slowly get better at this together – I was smiling at the anticipation of devouring London’s most decadent cheese fries.

On my best days, and my worst days, nothing can beat a classic burger, and I have found no place better than BRGR.co in London.

Ok, so I have my motive, I am completely powerless to the lure of truffle parmesan cheese fries. You must try this burger bar out to really know what a cheat day tastes like.

Let me introduce you to London’s best-kept secret, BRGR.co…


If you ever find yourself walking down the quaint backstreets of the old King’s Road, then you’re close to finding the hidden treasure.


Around an easy to miss corner you will find the fairest burger of them all.


Not many people know of this burger joint. Its modern exterior has no reflection on its classically delicious food.


Where the magic happens…


the-menu-burger-place Simple yet satisfying, you can customise the menu to make your own premium burger.


Finally, our burgers arrived, presented on retro diner trays, I opted for the rump burger, with cheddar cheese.

Make no minced-steak… this burger may look innocent but you’ll be burger’d if you eat it too quickly, as I have learned all too well.

Followed by…


Fries GALORE, I think I’ve fried and gone to heaven, truffle parmesan cheese fries… I have to have a monthly fix of these bad boys!

We leisurely enjoyed listening to indie rock whilst indulging in every mouthful of our delicious meals.

To finish off…


An oreo milkshake of course.

Unable to eat another morsel, I can happily say I’ve curbed my cravings… for all of a week at least.

When you next fancy a burger with bite head down to The King’s Road or Soho branch for an unbeatable BRGR.co.


19 thoughts on “Burger Brunch, King’s Road

      1. I live in a small town in southern Arizona. My favorite burger is about 100 miles away at a place called Five Guys. You build your own – choice of bun, of amount of meat, how well you want it done, etc. when I am up,on the city, I try to get there.

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  1. Another reason I like Five Guys is their hiring practices. My sister adopted 11 kids – 10 are special needs. Five Guys has hired two of them, both mentally retarded. I love that they offer work to all!


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