City Checks


I must spend 90% of my life wearing either skirts or dresses, no matter what the weather I always find a way of styling them, and with around 50 pairs of tights I certainly don’t feel the cold when wearing them in winter, of course in summer I am in my element!

Mostly I enjoy experimenting with the feminine structures of skirts and dresses, so it’s rare that you’ll find me wearing jeans, and if you do… I am usually wearing one of my two faithful pairs that I have worn countless amounts of times to the point of them now (to my satisfaction), feeling like pyjama bottoms.

Yesterday myself and my friend ventured down to my gym, so I thought I would share a short style post with you all.

I have always supported the “work hard, play hard” ethos, if you have earned it then you deserve it, and for me, this gym is a welcome haven to my sometimes hectic life.


The glass exterior exposes the indoor pool which has a delightful view of the city.

When I finally find the motivation within myself to go to the gym I have to say that  I love going here! This is Virgin Active – Canary Riverside, and it’s a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of the central city.

Once inside you are greeted by polite and polished staff…


Tranquil and tastefully decorated, I think this is as good as a gym is going to get for me…


I didn’t intend to, but I pretty much colour coordinated myself with the gyms decor.

My Hobbs tote bag gets taken everywhere with me, It’s perfect for carrying around everything you never even knew you needed!

Red is one of my favourite colours for winter and so I styled my new dogtooth skirt with a simple light jersey roll neck top and my soft red knit snood.


Teamed with all black accessories including my new boots from L.K. Bennett and my double pom pom hat, this style is comfy, classic and best of all easy to pull off.

I can never resist the allure of a new skirt, even though (as you will soon see) I have a lot of them already.


Now that I have stepped back into the gym I suppose that the time has come to start making more of an effort to go. Besides, there are worse places to workout.

What would your style classics be? I know that some people hate to wear skirts and love wearing jeans! I’d love to hear what you all feel best in…


17 thoughts on “City Checks

  1. I really must visit London again, it’s a couple of years now and I’d love to visit the Tower and ride the Underground. Lovely photographs on your blog 🙂

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