Carluccio’s, London


Food is one of the most personal pleasures in life.

In London, there is an array of places to dine, with new spots popping up almost every week. Sometimes it’s good to step out of your comfort zone, but for the sake of savouring in this meal, I will say that today it’s best to stick to what you know.

Evenings spent around a table full of divine smells and fruity wines and laughter are the best way to spend an evening off, and eating a meal that renders you speechless always makes me feel beyond content.

You know that a place is good when you have gone back to eat there more than three times.

Hat’s off to Carluccio’s, I have discovered the best chicken in town and it went beyond all of my expectations. My partner is now just as obsessed with this dish as I am.


My partner and I go to the Canary Wharf restaurant where you’re hosted onto the modern restaurant floor, special wines and a variety of freshly baked goods are displayed to tempt you in and tantalise your taste buds.



We have been here many times before, so the allure of the sweet treats isn’t working so well, we know exactly what we have come here for…

“Chicken Saltimbocca”, a deliciously succulent chicken breast flattened, topped with crispy Parma ham and sage. Decadently covered with an assortment of fresh mushrooms and covered in a rich Vin Santo and cream sauce.

All served with moreish rosemary and garlic roasted potatoes.


I can’t fully describe just how satisfying this meal is, but I’m certain that it’s one of the most flavoursome chicken dishes I have eaten, and for a great price.

A delicate balance of every flavour and texture can be found in this dish and it’s not too heavy meaning that you could either eat another or still have room for a little dessert.


I’m always on the look out for new taste experiences, however, I think this dish will be very hard to beat.

Do you go to any restaurants that you will never tire of?


17 thoughts on “Carluccio’s, London

  1. We do have an excellent local restaurant, so if you’re ever in Hartlepool… ? Seriously, this dish sounds wonderful. I had excellent service in a Carluccio’s in Birmingham last year so I’ll look out for this when we’re in Leeds next.

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    1. Fantastic! I am so excited for you Melissa, a few favourites of mine that I haven’t yet blogged about would be: “Gaucho’s” for anything and everything meat related and an incredible Sunday roast dinner, or “The World’s End Market” for what I think has to be the BEST burger in town. I hope this has helped and I look forward to seeing your London getaway – enjoy Xx

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