Off-Duty Denim Dress


Darting around the city in denim has never felt more comfortable. We all have the days where we prioritise practicality over how pretty an outfit may look, and rightfully so, I have learnt that if you aren’t feeling comfortable then you can’t fully concentrate…on anything!

I’ve mentioned before my attachment to wearing skirts and dresses. I think that sometimes people associate dresses with being formal but I have so many that are perfect casual dresses for the day, and this denim dress is one of my favourites.


It’s all in the details.

What’s not to love about being able to throw a dress on and go. Granted I could have ironed it first, but when you’re in a rush, needs must!

Tying the waist belt in a loose bow is an easy way to add shape to this laid back dress, which was an absolute bargain, I bet you can’t guess how much…


Teamed with my faithful Zatchel which I feel in love with at first sight! Patterns, texture and colour always catch my eye. Fashion I believe should speak a little about who you are to those who don’t know anything about you.


A slightly open neckline is a nice way to display beloved jewellery even when opting for a completely casual look.


True to my word I styled this dress with a cosy printed scarf and a few sparklers…



Casual style can still be chic, I haven’t yet mastered making my jeans work but I’m sure I will get there.

Oh, and the dress was a pocket-friendly £12 from the masters of basics, GAP.


12 thoughts on “Off-Duty Denim Dress

  1. What a fantastic post! I’m definitely “following” you and look forward to visiting your blog in the next couple days…thanks for “liking” my post (“A Murder of Counting Crows”)…that’s how you came to my attention 🙂

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