Tate Modern


On a fresh winters day, you have to get out and about to appreciate the beauty of a blue-skied London.

Wrap up warm and indulge in the decadent history that can be spotted everywhere.

Fresh air isn’t usually associated with London, but we were lucky to be travelling to the Tate Modern on the freshest of days.

The beautifully bright sky uplifted the cities skyline.


You have to take a minute to absorb such a breathtaking view, and there’s a certain feeling that I get whilst walking along the Southbank of London…


An invigorating feeling that makes me smile and feel alive!

inside-tateOnce inside TATE Modern you can look down and view how tiny everyone looks in comparison to the HUGE scope of this iconic building.

I have snapped a few exhibitions that caught my eye.


yellow-circle-tateColour once again stole my gaze, the way in which this translucent disc projects and reflects different colours depending on the angle reminded me of the saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder. ” Olafur Eliasson – Yellow versus Purple 2003″


Onto a more traditional painting. How can you not love this classic?


If a painting can make me feel small then that really is saying something.



A classic and definitely my favourite viewing of the day.

Next onto elegantly intertwining sculpture with textile…


and something a little less comforting…


After all of that, we headed down to “The Folly” to rehydrate with Cosmos and Mojitos aplenty.


And if you’re in the same wonderful company as I was then you won’t be able to get a good picture from laughing too much!


Have you recently visited any galleries? I’m on the hunt for new exhibitions to explore…


18 thoughts on “Tate Modern

  1. Like your posts especially the ones about art galleries. I love The Tate and the Tate Modern, I always try to get to exhibitions when I am in London – The David Hockney exhibition looks good – I have seen so many of his. If there is nothing on that I like I always go to the V&A – just love that place or to galleries I haven’t seen in a while: The National Portrait Gallery for instance – as most galleries in London try to change from year to year.

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  2. Haven’t been to the Tate Modern in a while but your sum up of the exhibitions at the moment makes me want to go back! I would recommend the Saatchi Gallery, it always has a good mix of contemporary art ranging from sculptural pieces to photography, something for everyone

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  3. Haven’t been to the Tate Modern in a while so this post and your sum up of the exhibitions makes me want to go back! I would really recommend the Taylor Wessing Photographic Prize exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery or the Saatchi Gallery. X

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      1. Thank you for your kind words Ipuna, I’m humbled to hear that you’re enjoying reading my blog all the way from Las Vegas, wow! I would love to go there, I can only imagine how much it differs from London. I will aim to continue blogging content that will remind us all of why we are so in love with London. x

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