British Airways i360, Brighton


This year my partner and I vowed to endeavour to take part in the pass times that we would normally skip, so whilst in Brighton for a weekend away we put our resolution to the test.

London may only be an hour away from Brighton but you can certainly see, feel and even smell the difference. The fresh sea air in Brighton is a welcome change from time to time.

Against the rolling landscape of Brighton the i360 stands out starkly at 138 meters tall, making it the tallest moving observation tower, it would all sound exhilarating if we weren’t both terrified of heights, to us this is a rather daunting addition to the sea front.

After purchasing tickets and persuading each other that we are in safe hands we stepped into what felt like a spaceship, and later discovered it was called a”pod”.  We were gladly greeted by a bar, but couldn’t stomach the idea of eating or drinking.

Alike startled deer we shuffled towards the centre of the pod where we found the safety of seats.

Seated and eager to overcome our fear the five minutes of waiting to leave felt like fifty!

dsc_0930We felt ourselves beginning to gently glide up the tower…


This wasn’t so bad after all, sat superglued to our seats we were shocked at how many people showed absolutely no fear of standing right near the edge!


Up, up and away, we were lifted into the gloomy air, the historical Brighton views spilling beneath our feet.


The old pier had always looked substantially strong from what we could see walking past, from an i360 view you can see just how submerged the old pier is within the murky depths of the sea water. Rather scary.


As we were lifted higher and higher I took the first step in standing a little closer to the edge…


Once reaching the top we felt humbled, Brighton is even more beautiful from up here.


Reaching the top of the tower felt like a great feat for us both. We both managed to stand closer to the edge and somewhat overcome our fear of heights, towards the end we even managed to find the enjoyment of being so high up.


This quick twenty-something minute journey was worth every second.

As we reached solid ground we continued to revel in what a great feeling and experience we had just shared.


We strolled along the pebbled beach in pursuit of a comforting bag of chips, with lots of salt and vinegar, of course.

If you are heading to Brighton this year I highly recommend fighting any hesitations that you may have and hopping onto the Brighton i360. You won’t regret it.

Have you confronted any fears so far this year?


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