Daniel Laurence, Brighton


I don’t think I would be wrong in thinking that everybody loves beautiful things, but what I love more is unique and creatively handcrafted items.

Welcome to Daniel Laurence, my favourite boutique to browse for trinkets that are tastefully handmade and irreplaceable.

If you’re ever in Brighton take the time to leisurely walk past the eclectic seafront shops where you will find Daniel Laurence’s masterpieces spilling out of his perfectly positioned boutique.


This is what my dreams are made of.

Come on, step in, you will be graced with the smell of incense blowing out of a Rhinos nostrils, softly sweep past your face leaving you to gaze up in amazement.


Wherever your eyes should wander, high or low this boutique is brimming with beautiful artworks.


If you’re anything like me then you will want to buy the entire shop!


A fish tank takes centre place and separates Daniel’s  workshop from the shop floor, if you peep through you can see him working away, creating yet more beautiful bespoke pieces.


The outside is brought in with clever placements of trees that are decorated with delicate coloured glass lanterns, enticing you want to recreate this exact feature in your own home.


Large minimalistic clock faces are set on display with timeless pieces that anyone of any age would be chuffed to receive as a gift.


Handmade table lamps illuminate silver trays and enlighten shoppers to be more creative with traditional home fittings.



Pretty pint-sized gifts can be all yours for only £12.


And the coffee table of my dreams is still waiting for me to take it home… if only we had the room.


I always relish the time I spend browsing Daniel’s boutique and I hope that you have enjoyed the pictures just as much.

What is your take on handcrafted items?  Do you opt for creatively made over brand new?


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