Sensitive Summer Skincare


I never claim to know much about beauty because I truly don’t. I wear minimal makeup, even when going out, and still I have no idea how to apply flawless face transforming makeup, but I am willing to learn.

Although I enjoy reading others blogs on beauty I wouldn’t say it’s my personal strength. For this reason I prefer to do posts on skincare, as I don’t wear much makeup it’s important that my skin looks healthy.

From my experience, these are products that work well for me.

I have extremely sensitive skin, to the point where the seasons affect my skin’s balance. In winter my skin is at it’s worse, I battle breakouts and dry skin. So for Spring/Summer, I like to rebalance my skin and get it looking it’s best.

Let’s get started.

NIP + FAB | Glycolic Fix Night Pads


Firstly a product from NIP + FAB who are connoisseurs of creating beauty products that are affordable and do exactly what they claim to. These powerful Glycolic Fix Night Pads are not to be used every day, I would opt for the suggested 1-2 times a week, apply after cleansing your skin. Packed with Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid + Lactic acid, these pads work at targeting oil and congested skin, they are a great and much cheaper version of a home skin peel.

After use, I find my pores look tighter and my skin regains a natural glow. Give them a go if you suffer from temperamental skin that needs controlling ever now and again.

BIORÉ | Deep Cleansing Charcaol Pore Strips 

If you haven’t had the time to carry out a deep cleansing routine and want a quick fix to unblock pores, try the BIORÉ Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips.


I’m not sure if you have also stumbled across the rather grotesque videos on Instagram of blackhead removal face masks ? They claim that once literally ripped off  your skin will be left completely clear of blackheads. Ouch! Doesn’t the removal look painful!

As I mentioned above, my skin is extremely sensitive and so I avoid using any products that could irritate my skin further. These BIORÉ strips are perfect for gently removing blackheads from the nose area in just 10 minutes, plus the removal isn’t painful or irritating.

NIP+FAB | Bee Sting Fix Eye Cream

Preparing for makeup application. It all starts with getting the base right.


I look at a screen every day, if I’m not looking at a screen I am reading or writing, my eyes often get tired and look puffy. My affordable go-to would have to be, once again NIP+FAB with their Bee Sting Fix Eye Cream, it sounds a little bizarre, but I promise this cream is a pleasure to apply and works a dream.

This stimulating little 10ml tube of eye cream helps to fight the signs of fatigue around the eye area. The bee venom works to plump and firm whilst the addition of Manilkara leaf improves skin tonicity. It’s an all round winner in my eyes.

Neal’s Yard Remedies | White Tea Facial Mist 

Opt for an organic spritz bottled in beautiful blue glass, it really could only be Neal’s Yard Remedies.


I couldn’t be any more obsessed with them. Everything they do works really well on my skin and the aroma of this White Tea Facial Mist is a complete treat, perfect for revitalizing and relaxing.

Just a spritz of this magical mist and your face will be left feeling fresh and looking dewy. As for the antioxidant properties that this mist offers, it really is a bonus! I will be carrying mine with me everywhere, coming into the warmer months it’s nice to have a quick pick me up, especially after surviving the sticky London Underground.

Get to know the brands and see who’s right for you.

Neal’s Yard Remedies | NIP+FABBIORÉ


What go-to products do you swear by for Spring/Summer?


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