The Grand, Brighton

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Weeks later and I finally find the time to upload this promised tour. When it comes to booking a hotel we always look out for a room with a view. Taking the time to spend a weekend away is a real treat and The Grand Brighton made for a wonderful stay.

Steeped in history and positioned right on the seafront The Grand sits in the middle of other leading hotel brands including the Hilton.

Out of impulse we chose to stay at The Grand, we would usually look to stay in modern hotels that offer all of the flash accessories, not this time. The chance to have a weekend away from so much technology was a welcome one. We opted to stay in a classic deluxe sea view room offering enough luxury without the unforgiving expense.

Based on how chic the picture looked we opted to stay in a “Classic Deluxe Sea View ” room offering ample luxury for a 2-night stay without the unforgiving expense.

DSC_0953 copy

We arrived at the hotel and the 4* service promptly started, before we had even stepped out of the car our host was stood ready to open the door and greet us.

Our suitcases were whisked out of the trunk and tagged ready to be sent to our room.

After signing the papers we were handed the magic magnetic key before being lead to the fourth-floor suite, situated at the very end of a magically old-fashioned hallway, creaking floor boards and classic artworks all adding to the mystery of our room.


Allow me to take you on a tour of the room.



A comfy king sized bed managed to look rather quaint tucked away in the corner of the very large room. (We couldn’t resist jumping on the bed before taking the photo).

The best part of the room for once wasn’t the bed…


It was the view. We arrived just in time to watch the sun setting across the soothing settled sea.



Flooded with light from the bay windows, a generous lounging area had been positioned perfectly for viewing. We took a few minutes to sit back and blissfully watch the sea front blend into a warmth of colours before dimming into darkness.




Subtle decor that included a palette of calming tones really helped to set the scene for a weekend of relaxation. Both men and women can enjoy this tastefully put together room.

Whilst the room was lovely and very hard to leave, we decided to get some fresh air and so wrapped up warm to explore the seafront after dark.

The beauty of  The Grand remains in the history of the building itself, the interiors have barely changed and the impressive staircase transported us to a time of classic glamour, I’m sure that the words “Titanic” sprung to mind.




It has been a truly lovely stay at The Grand and I cannot wait to make more sporadic plans for our next weekend getaway.

I would love to thank you all for following me and keeping my love for blogging alive. To say thank you I would like to put together a giveaway. Let me know

To say thank you I would like to put together a giveaway. What you all would love to receive as a winner? I’m thinking beauty treats and maybe a tailored experience voucher?


20 thoughts on “The Grand, Brighton

  1. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautful!
    Okay, now I have to ask. Is this The Grand Brighton or just The Grand? I keep looking for it and The Grand Brighton keeps popping up. Thank you for an inspiring account of this lovely hotel.

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      1. Wow! A loaded question. Since I cannot afford to go to such places, it’s hard to even contemplate. I’ve always had champagne tastes, so since I am now dreaming… My dream has always been to tour Europe with my entire family. (I have a large family) When my children were small, I would take them places for it’s educational value, so they could experience something they might not otherwise. They now have children, who have had children and they’ve been nowhere and these kids have seen nothing of the world. However, on a smaller scale. These are my choices: (1.) a relaxing trip, complete with spa treatment, fine dining and wonderful sites within walking distance. Any place beautiful and historical will do. (2) A spa week somewhere exotic with just my girls, with, of course fine dining and good wine. (3) A trip to Greece that includes spa and possibly fishing with my boys, even though my one son would probably prefer to be with us girls. (4) A trip with my husband to the Alps, perhaps England or Ireland , to include spa treatment as well. My husband has never been anywhere, whereas my children and I have been a few places. The grands have not. I would just like for them to experience life. Big order huh? BTW My girls, are crazy and a lot of fun by the way. I need another lifetime to do all I’d love to do with them.

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      2. Wow, thank you Jolie I think your ideas are great! I love the idea of offering an experience that can be enjoyed by the individual no matter where in the country they are from. It all sounds very exhilarating, I hope that this year you can start to do the things you would love to do with your family! ♥️🍾 Xo

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