Easter Sunday, Richmond

…And exhale, finally, a four-day weekend it’s been a pretty busy 2017 so far. I know, my post is a day too late (sorry everyone) but it feels wrong to be glued to my laptop on Easter Sunday.

If you ask me Easter Sunday should be about three things, family, food and reflection. It’s a time to be grateful for everything you have and I certainly am. This Easter we were hosted by my wonderful Uncle Gary. No one in our family can host a better spread than him.

Not to mention we get to enjoy the rarity of a little outdoor space in London.


Being beside the water never fails to relax me, although in all honesty we are lucky if it’s even mildly warm enough to sit out.


Our beautiful Easter Sunday started with all the indulgent canapés you could ask for. It may be a little uncouth but I do not hold back. My summer body transformation can start next week. ( who else tells themselves this on a daily basis?!)

We start every dinner party with a natter, biscuits and usually tea before moving on to the drinks cabinet.

DSC_0112It’s a hard choice … a blue cheese with pear and walnut canapé or a crayfish with quail’s egg and finished with caviar. DSC_0128

My ultimate fav, duck rolls, deliciously crisp on the outside with succulent and flavoursome duck in the centre.



Let me show you around before we eat.

The house is always beautifully decorated for every party hosted, this time the theme is Easter.

Walk around and you will spot cute Easter trinkets and personalised touches.


The Easter tree always makes me smile. Dressed in Easter baubles, feathers and mini vases containing daffodils.

Perhaps we should do a home decor DIY blog post?


You can never have too many flowers.

The table has been dressed to impress. Edible name holders in the shape of those delicious Golden bunnies. It wouldn’t be Easter without them Lindt are my favourite.

DSC_0137.JPGDSC_0134DSC_0117.JPGDSC_0119Pillar candles take centre stage. DSC_0120.JPGDSC_0138And as they are lit we all know to take our places at the table as dinner is served! Yippee! DSC_0147Mouthwateringly soft buttered granary bread was served with salmon. I enjoyed a blue cheese and roasted tomato tartlet, the soft puff pastry perfectly complemented the warm decadent filling . DSC_0148.JPGDSC_0150.JPGDSC_0151

Followed by melt in the mouth roast lamb. In our family this roast dinner is famous. Why? Because my uncles excels in presentation, who thought a roast could look so preened.

Roast potatoes cut into flowers. Steamed veg and caramelised carrots and parsnips.


And of course, gravy, the love of my life.

We ate until we were about to pop, but just as we were debating the New Years diet the dessert arrived.

Homemade key lime pie. It was just as delicious as it looks.


I’m sure you’re all getting to know by now that I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. This pie is my heaven. A sweet yet refreshing cream topping and moorish biscuit base.

DSC_0159.JPGDessert swiftly polished off and we were ready for coffee and a little more catching up.

Did you all enjoy your Easter Sunday?


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